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Videos of  Violin, Viola & Video Virtuosity from our April 26, 2012 launch from Evergroove Recording Studio in Evergreen, Colorado  are on Sheri Wills’ Vimeo Channel

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Here are quick links to my YouTube videos:


Solo Blues for Violin and Piano (2009)

by Dan Tepfer


Dance Suite for Violin, Viola and Orchestra (2002)

by Ole Saxe

Movement I: Balkan Dance & Jig         Movement II: Rhumba for Viola & Tango

Dance Suite for Violin,Viola and Orchestra (2002)

by Ole Saxe

Movement III: Finale Flamenco

Vista (2005)

by Alex Shapiro


Metaman, for Violin with Digital Sound and Video (2009)

by Charles Norman Mason


Quips and Cranks with Southern Danceworks Part I (2010)

Quips and Cranks with Southern Danceworks Part II


Sole Injection, for Violin and Computer-generated Sounds (1996)

by Zack Browning


Elegie for Solo Viola (2001)

by Ivan Sokolov


Duetto con Bobik,for Violin and Electronics (2010)

by Brian C. Moon


Blues Etude (2006)

by Jeremy Cohen


Toccata and Fugue in A minor BWV 565

by J.S. Bach


Vulcanalia for Violin and Percussion (2009)

by Phillip Ratliff


Cluck Old Hen Variations for Solo Violin (2004)

by David A. Jaffe


Sonata for Viola and Piano (2006)

by Ivan Sokolov


Tango Orientale for Viola and Piano (2001)

by Ole Saxe


Slip for Violin and Harpsichord (2001)

by Alex Shapiro


Baroque Fantasy for Violin (1974)

by Stuart Diamond


Grand Tango for Violin and Video (2011)

by Jeffrey Harrington

Resonances from Vilna concert with pianist Jascha Nemtsov in Vilnius on May 22, 2014

Violin & Video Virtuosity at CCRMA  Stanford University on November 20,2014

Telling Tales (2014) by Stuart Diamond with harpsichordist Jonathan Salzedo

Užupis Constitution Song(2015)

by Ole Saxe 


Human Rights Suite (2008)

filmed live in Siljansnas, Sweden on April 11, 2015

Music and Videos by Ole Saxe


Duetto con Bobik (2015)

Composed by Brian C. Moon

Video by Aiste Ptakauske

Camera by Fella

Serenity Diptychs (2015)

by Zibuokle Martinaityte


Violin, Viola & Video Virtuosity

Permainu muzika (Klaipeda, Lithuania)

22 September, 2016



How Did It Get So Late So Soon?

World Premiere of David A. Jaffe Violin Concerto

August 27, 2016 at Tytuvenai Festival

Lithuanian National Opera & Ballet Theatre Orchestra

Maestro Robertas Servenikas

Karen Bentley Pollick, violin 



Contrasts in Time (2016)

Music by Ayal Adler

Video by Stuart Diamond

World Premiere at Permainu muzika (Klaipeda, Lithuania)

September 22, 2016



Life on Mars (2016)

Music by Daniel Felsenfeld:  Hooked to the Silver Screen for solo viola (2011)

Video by Stuart Diamond