Karen Bentley Pollick plays music by  Swedish composer Ole Saxe

Karen Bentley Pollick plays music by
Swedish composer Ole Saxe

Peace Piece

by Karen Bentley

A sequel to “Dancing Suite to Suite”, Ole Saxe’s virtuoso violin solo suite inspired by the Declaration of Human Rights is paired with chamber music for violin, viola, piano and guitar, infused with Swedish folkmusic, tango, rhumba and balkan rhythms. (read more)
Genre: Classical: Contemporary
Release Date: October 2, 2015
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Užupis Constitution Song video on YouTube
Review by Peter Alexander on Sharps and Flatirons


Karen Bentley Pollick and William Susman premiered ARIA for violin & piano at Spectrum in New York on January 16, 2014. On February 24 we recorded the piece at OTR studios in Belmont, California with Cookie Marenco producing with her exceptional audio equipment and vintage Steinway grand piano. ARIA was recently released as a single at Blue Coast Records on Direct Stream Digital format.You can preview and download it here now:




Painting by Gennady Shlykov

Painting by Gennady Shlykov

Russian Soulscapes

Ivan Sokolov’s String Trio and Piano Quartet abound with intoxicating themes, bird song imitations, chromatic harmonies, enharmonic modulations, and cascading sonorities that create a rainbow of sounds in an array of movements inspired by Russian masters.  (read more)

Release date:  February 14, 2014

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Karen Bentley Pollick | Estadio for Viola

Violist Karen Bentley Pollick performs Estadio: a lush, introspective elegy by young composer Greg Simon.

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Bebop for Beagles

Karen Bentley Pollick & Julia Sakharova | Bebop for Beagles

Available from iTunes

Bebop for Beagles by Benedikt Brydern

Julia Sakharova, Violin

Karen Bentley Pollick, Viola



Homage to Fiddlers

Karen Bentley Pollick, Dennis Parker & Ivan Sokolov | Homage to Fiddlers

Virtuoso duos for violin and cello from the Czech Republic are paired with a Russian cello sonata and piano trio and interpreted passionately in this premiere recording, a sequel to amberwood, “a richly satisfying collection of contemporary works.”

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Karen Bentley Pollick & Ivan Sokolov | amberwood

<amberwood> features duos for violin, viola and piano by Ivan Sokolov, Ole Saxe, and Jan Vičar, performed by Karen Bentley Pollick, violin and viola, and Ivan Sokolov, piano (read more)

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Dancing Suite to Suite

Karen Bentley | Dancing Suite to Suite

Dancing Suite to Suite is a unique rendezvous between Johann Sebastian Bach’s classical Partita No. 2 in D minor for solo violin and Ole Pullar Saxe´s Dance Suite for Solo Violin. [read more]

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Ariel View

Karen Bentley & Bruce Hanifan | Ariel View: Tone Poems for Violin and Piano

Ariel View is a superbly recorded selection of tone poems for violin and piano from producer/pianist Bruce Hanifan and violinist Karen Bentley. (read more)

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 Konzerto and Succubus

Karen Bentley, Stuart Diamond & Kerry Walsh | Konzerto/Succubus

Succubus is a six-movement tone poem for violin, soprano and electric orchestra — an exploration of the sensual and surrealistic dreamscapes of the Succubus and her lover. Konzerto is the reinvention of the great romantic violin concertos of the 19th century.  (read more)

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Electric Diamond

Electric Diamond | A Step Beyond

Electric Diamond is a step beyond … a window into the future of music.  With the release of their first CD, Electric Diamond goes beyond the new age.  Ancient airs from the Middle Ages, flute songs of Native Americans and their own original compositions are passed through the prism of Electric Diamond to emerge recast for a new millennia. Visit Electric Diamond’s home page for more information.

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