perched on a boulder

my pores inhale the sun’s rays

massaged by the wind


high altitude view

front row seat in the azure

nebulous parade


humming constantly

giving positive ions

humidifall flows


young soulmates unite

forging abundance of life

spirits soar freely

to Jeannie and Patrice Pasturel


daily scampering

ever questing for vittles

wily fox appears


sunning on a rock

chipmunk nibbling on my straw hat

beady eyes emerge


temporal pauses

luxury of time and space

abundance prevails


foggy day rollup

valley floor evaporates

warm in my cocoon


arc of potential

kinetically caressing

fine strands of catgut


early morning fog

skulking silhouette of fox

slumbering hound dog


aurora dawn fog

reynardian silhouette

slumbering hound dog


celebrating breath

abundance of oxygen

we respire and thrive


rush hour post sunrise

dozen propellers vying

hummingbird highway


equipoise achieved

axis perfectly aligned

namaste autumn


moonshadow chasing

inquisitively questing

journeying within


Lady of the Lake

rising at dawn on the stone

perched above the sword


frosty aspen leaves

cascading towards the ground

perceptible thump


tugging, careening

olfactory overload

private eye canid


questa o quella?

novelty trumps familiar



shadows overhead

low flying hawks plundering

carrion questing


incessant prancing

paws atop icy tarmac

barn sour ebullience


the theme is itself

variations unfolding



aural autism

ensues in pursuit of squirrel

All Senses Reboot!


stuck in neutral gear

logistical dominoes

teeter and balance


ecstasy unleashed

raising radiant prisms

arcing and sparking


basking in sunlight

ample southern exposure

continent traversed


goddess origins

extant in apple orchard



aromatic jog

alongside marsh at low tide

avian armies


auras overlap

lengthy shadows intertwine

strangers we remain


wind and waves massage

sensory undulations

urging and purging



fresh virgin footsteps

forward trudging and crunching

future white and bright



bouncing on powder

tantalizing fox below

gleaming paradise



Mercury plunging

Pisces sliver far from full

fathom five below



styrofoam snowflakes

pitter-pattering pell-mell

hot chocolate reward




icy cotton bombarding

powder puff trekking



icicle daggers

plunging, thumping onto roof

avalanche resounds



whistling and whirling

enveloped by elements

earth heart energy



howling discotheque

All Hail Thunder & Lightning!

soothing lullaby



September springtime

streams rush in sonic surround

earthworms everywhere



retracing footsteps

time and space resonances

golden memories



clinking spoon on glass

Pavlovian instincts fire

dishwashing duty


woodpecker pulses

aspiring fir trees shelter

spiraling leaves fall


serene forest path

nurturing tranquillity

seize the fermata


Thursday morning, November 10, 2016 at 8500 feet

yoga al fresco

pines silhouette deep azure

rabbits scampering



chorus of canines

wending and meandering

chewing icy slush




rabbit hunt in fog

snorting, sniffing, yodeling

blind boulder master



retrograde beeping

more loyal than a rooster

Seattle sunrise



rainbows in bold waves

approaching, cresting, crashing

ephemeral wealth



porcupines del mar

bleached, spotted, stranded on beach

nature’s fermata



petite Chihuahua

encounter on the pavement

cherub’s golden arc